Sustainability Key For A Bright Future and Clear Earth And It Starts Rice Husks and Wheat Straws

The start of this summer in the northern hemisphere has been making headline after headline with heat domes in the the Pacific Northwest, droughts across the country, massive fires that result in bad air quality to floods and fire in Europe.  

We really need to change how we treat our only home, earth.  We are in this together and we must all do our part, even if the changes are small.  With Takara Corner, we like to start with one product at a time and, hopefully, we will only have products that are made with mostly sustainable raw materials such as rice husks and wheat straw.

What are rice husks and wheat straws?

Rice husks are the outer shells of rice that are removed before the rest of the rice makes its way from the fields to our dinner table.  The rice husk is a renewable source of raw materials for many applications.  This includes using rice husk to make containers instead of plastic that is derived from, you know it, resin from petroleum.  

Wheat straws are something you have seen if you ever make it out to a county fair.  You seem them around in haystacks.  Wait a second.  Aren’t haystacks made of hay?  Most of the ones you’ve seen are actually wheat straws.  And wheat straws are byproducts of grain crops. Not only can it be used as a source of compostable plastic, using wheat straws as a source of paper means more trees are left alone to suck up all that carbon dioxide we put in the air.  Ah, fresh cooler air is good, no?

We have become too accustomed to thinking plastic as something that we will never be rid of, in our lives and in our landfills. It simply is not true. A fast majority of the plastic we use are from gas or crude oil that emit green house gases that is causing our planet to warm up and other forms of environmental damages.

At Takara Corner, we will transition to offering more and more products that are made with renewable sources.  Here are some items we like to highlight.

We continue to add to our selection and, in time, we hope to do you proud and make our only home sustainable, clean, and ready for future generations.