Peanut, New Social Circle, and Family

This is Peanut, the newest member of our family. Peanut is a 2-3 year old Corgi. The reason we do not know her exact age is because we rescued our little darling last November 2022.

It took a few months for her to get used to us and for us to learn some of her habits, needs, and behaviors. She's a darling and a wonderful puppy. We could not have been more fortunate to have her come into our lives. She's well behaved, lively, and curious about the world. 

She enjoys walks, play and running around, herding sheep, and cheese. Boy, does she love cheese. And in case you're wondering, we do not have a sheep nor do we live anywhere near a farm with sheep. I'm the sheep she likes to herd. 

Around the neighborhood, she's well known. In the few short months with us, she has a few best friends - Wagner a terrier, Nessi a corgi, and Virginia a beagle. And she happens to like cats as well. When she was in the shelter, some of her friends were cats.

We also like having Peanut around Takara Corner as well so expect to see her about and appear as a model for the pets collection. I am sure no one will mind as she is loved by all.

Peanut has changed our lives for the better and also in ways we certainly did not expect. We have expanded our social circle because of Peanut. We also realized how pet friendly our neighborhood is.

Peanut has traveled extensively with us since she has been here - Monterey, San Diego, Red Rock, and Mammoth. Because she was likely an indoor pup and sadly abandoned at a shelter, everything about the world is new to her. She has learned to play with others. Traveled to national parks, seen snow for the first time (she didn't know what to make of it at first but she ended up loving it), and attended a special event for corgis. 

We'll be sure to update everyone about what other things Peanut does from  now.