Extensions For Our Minds - Notebooks That Inspire

In 1990, Steve Jobs said "computers is like a bicycle for the mind". We cannot agree more with Steve more. Here at Takara Corner, we like to it a step and suggest that the mind needs something else that may be more important. We think that traditional notebooks are like "a soulmate for the mind".

We like to share with you a selection of some of our favorites. First, why notebooks? Doesn't everyone have smartphones that can double as note takers? Sure, you have to turn it on, swipe to the screen with the note app, open it up and start tapping away. That is assuming that along the way of these simple steps to get to the notes app, you do not get distracted by notifications, the need to check Twitter or another social app, or check on emails. And that is assuming that with all that is going on in our lives and on our phones, we remember to visit those thoughts you put into the notes. 

We love our smartphones but we try not to let it take over our lives so we think notebooks is best way for all those wonderful ideas and imaginations to be written down and flourish. 

With a notebook, it's easy. Open up to an empty page and start writing. It's that easy. No distractions at all. Just your mind and the notebook. We write our thoughts on our notebooks. It's a great snapshot of what we are thinking at the time those words were born. Ideas for the next great novel, venture, or personal growth. That is how everything great takes root.

Sketches? We love making quick sketches - landscape, a new work process, or whatever new world your imagination can conjure. Not all notes apps let you draw and write at the same time. You do not have that restriction with a notebook.

By the way, notebooks do not have in-app purchases to unlock all the features.

Here is one of our favorites with the travel theme. Whether you're on a journey, vacation, or simply allowing your mind to travel, this is a great inspirational notebook to bring with you.

And with Halloween coming, we have something for Halloween, one of our favorite holidays (yes, we should have the day off from school and work).  This notebook has a great cover with a skull - in gold, silver, bronze, and painted with some lively colors. 

For more inspirational notebooks that forever write down your thoughts and allow your mind to travel to far off places and worlds, please visit our selection of notebooks and other products that are soulmates or bicycles for your mind.