Boxes Of Creativity (Pencil, Stationery, Canvas Cases)

Does anyone still use pencil anymore? Of course. Even in the digital era we live in where our mobile devices take up a great deal of our time, a great many of us still use pencils and pens because having a writing instrument in our hands is still the best way to communicate and create. Since the days of using a simple stick as a stylus to the ballpoint pens and pencils today, this revolutionary tool of civilizations all across time and the world remain the same.

And this is why we cherish our pens, markers, and pencils a great deal. Over time, we added other tools like erasers and rulers. It only means that we need a proper place to put them in so that when you need them, your stationeries are there for you.

So, let’s get right into it. 

This canvas pencil case has a lot to offer and is one of our favorites. Think of it as a suitcase but for your scissors, erasers, writing instruments and even has room for little writing notes. It has a zipper enclosure. And it’s compact enough to carry around with you - home office, school, or work.

For artists, this is what you need. These floral designed cases with handles let the artists carry an assortment of color pencils and markers. All one need are papers and inspiration to create the next masterpieces.  The case has four compartments for sorting and storing anything that an artists need. It has a total of 200 individual slots. Feel free to put a pen in each slot or only as many as you need.

We also like this cavas pencil case. We call it the minimalist canvas case because offers one compartment for all your essentials. Think of it as a go-bag for your ideas and drawings. No fuss at all. Open the case and put in everything you need and start creating. No distractions at all.

We like every school grade children to have one of these, School Bus Pencil Stationery Case, that is both adorable and functional. In class or at home and through homework and school projects, these pencil cases with cleverly designed bus arts and characters help get keep the student company through the day. And with a zipper along the top of the bus, I mean the pencil case, you can be sure everything stays together. And it's big enough for a treat or two.

 Next, we love these retractable pencil cases with animal designs. These compact cases let you put everything you need for school or just to create and fits neatly into bag or backpack. 

When you unzip it, it retracts and unveils all the pens, pencils, and any other creative tools you happen to have in there.

And though we have many more we like to share, this one stands out. The newest addition to our Creative collection, the Normcore Style Pencil Case/ Cosmetic Bag. This normcore case comes with two compartments, one for easy access to your pencils and tools while a second larger compartment allows additional items to be stored. More stationeries, cosmetics, or anything you need for school, office, or travel.

And like with cases mentioned here and in our collection, there are many designs and colors to fit all range of creative personalities.

We have many other creative tools and accessories in our Creative collection. Please feel free to browse and we think there is something for everyone. And let us know what you think.